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We specialize in bringing together Trucks, Ships and People to the mutual benefit of all the transportation needs of the Intermodal World. Please take a moment to scroll through these photos that we believe will show you how Big Rigs Inc. is uniquely qualified to handle all your Transportation and Logistics needs. Call or email us any time!

Big Rigs Inc. - Moves more than empty containers!

Oakland to Long Beach
This was a trip from Oakland to Long Beach
Matson Flat Racks going to SLC.jpg
Sid Anderson of L&L Barlow took these stacked flat racks from Matson Terminal in Long Beach, California to Salt Lake City, Utah and delivered 01/21/2013.
2014-03-12 - 4x40 foot flat racks moved for Matson 03.jpg

Stacked Chassis being pulled by a Semi.jpg

Devore Truck - Las Vegas to Missoula_1.jpg

Matson Flat Racks on the way to Worcester, MA
Gary Fields in truck #537983 took this load of 4x40' flat racks from Matson Terminal in Long Beach, CA to Intransit Containers in Worcester, MA and delivered on April 24, 2014. GREAT job Gary!
J.K.Hackl Truck # 1288 pulled this load of stacked Matson Chassis from Chicago to Long Beach and delivered on Monday 04/28/2014.
Great Job Paul!
Denver to Salt Lake City
Brad in Andrus Transportation Truck # 155310 delivered this empty 40' standard ocean container from Henderson, CO to Salt Lake City, UT today 04/28/2014.
Mykhaylo in BCO Truck # 480257 loaded in Caledon,ON yesterday 05/22/2014. This morning he is all tarped up and ready to roll to Haines City, FL for his delivery on Tuesday 05/27/2014.

Chicago to Long Beach load of 6x20' stacked chassi
Load of 6x20' chassis moved from Chicago to Long Beach and deliver into Matson Terminal on Tuesday July 15, 2014.
2014-08-07 Chris of Western Towing KC to Denver
This is a modified 40' High Cube empty container that we moved from Kansas City, KS to Commerce City, CO. Chris in Western Towing Truck # W539 did a fantastic job on it too!
Earl Harding - Chicago to Long Beach
Stack of 3 x 45' chassis stacked on a 48' flat bed going into Matson Terminal in Long Beach on August 14, 2014. Great job Earl!
Landstar BCO 418728 loaded with stacked chassis
Landstar BCO Truck # 418728 - Moving from Chicago to the Port of Long Beach, Ca. with a stack of chassis on a flat bed trailer and delivering on September 3, 2014.
5x20' Stacked Chassis - Chicago to Long Beach
Moved into the Matson Terminal in Long Beach, California and delivered on Friday 10/10/2014.
Birmingham, AL to Long Beach, CA
Ervin in C&C Trucking Co. #720 is delivering 3x40' stacked chassis into the Port of Long Beach from Birmingham, Alabama.
The Fast and Furious - Val Trk#245
Val in Truck 245 is leaving the Chicago area today with this stack of 40' chassis. He expects to deliver in the Port of Oakland, California on Monday November 10th. Great job Val and Drive safely.
Landstar BCO 434333 - Chicago to Oakland
Kevin is a Landstar BCO in truck # 434333. He is loaded with 3x40' stacked chassis for the Port of Oakland. Departing Chicago area on Thursday 11/13/2014 with and ETA for delivery to Oakland, CA on Monday 11/17/2014.
Justin in Night Owl Transport Hot Shot Truck #1001
Justin picked up this empty 40' High Cube container in Henderson, Colorado on Thursday November 13, 2014 and will deliver it in Salt Lake City, Utah today Friday, November 14, 2014
John Siegal Trucking #000 Phoenix, AZ to Sunol, CA
John Siegal in truck #000 is moving this 40' high cube modified container up to Northern California and will deliver there on Thursday November 20, 2014.
John Siegal Trucking delivering Sunol, California
From Phoenix to Sunol, California. Another job completed on time! Great work John. Big Rigs Landstar of Simi Valley, California is happy to work with truckers like you!
Shamir Truck #901-Chicago, IL to Jacksonville, FL
6x20' stacked chassis on a flat bed trailer moving from Forest View, Illinois to Jacksonville, Florida for delivery on Monday December 1, 2014. Great job Shamir of Alaman Express another Landstar Approved Carrier!
Landstar BCO 505855 - Yvon Chicago to Jacksonville
Yvon Landstar BCO 505855, Yvon delivering this load of 6x20' chassis out of Chicago to Jacksonville, Florida today December 1, 2014. Great job Yvon and really great looking rig you have there too! Thank you for the photo and excellent service.
2x20' empties moving Atlanta, GA to Chesapeake, VA
Chris #411 with the Landstar Approved Carrier - Young Trucking Inc. is running this load of 2x20' containers out of Atlanta, GA. up to Chesapeake, VA. and will deliver there tomorrow December 5, 2014.
Phoenix, AZ to Commerce City, CO
Mike  Truck #150 with Landstar Approved Carrier Linehaulers Inc is taking these 3 modified container units from Phoenix, AZ to Commerce City, CO. Drive safely Mike and GREAT job!
Harold Bass - Forest View, IL to Jacksonville, FL
This is Harold Bass #318 of Landstar Approved Carrier - Strasburger Trucking arriving in Jacksonville, Florida with 6x 20' stacked chassis out of Forest View, Illinois. Thanks for a GREAT job, well done Harold!
Moses in EBT # 3060 - Phoenix to Cheyenne Mountain
This is Moses in EBT # 3060 taking a specially modified container from Phoenix to The Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Training facility for delivery on Thursday December 18, 2018.
Thanks for a great job, Moses well done!
Long Beach, CA to Miami, FL with MSC Gensets
January 15, 2015 - Landstar Ranger approved trucking company Roadstar Transport Inc. pulling a load of MSC Gensets out of Pier A in Long Beach, CA. and going to Miami, Florida with and ETA of January 19, 2015.
Laadi in Skystar LLC truck #7 - Seattle to Oakland
Picked up in Seattle, WA, this is Laadi in Truck 7 of Landstar approved carrier SkyStar LLC with a 40' loaded Hapag Lloyd container to be delivered to Oakland, CA. Thanks for another job well done Laadi!
4x20's & 1x40' Stacked Chassis Chgo to LB
This Load was delivered to Long Beach, California out of Chicago, Illinois by Landstar Approved Carrier J K Hackl in April 2015
Todd in Trk # 30 of Larsen Trans - SLC to Denver
June 24, 2015 - Todd of Landstar Ranger Approved Carrier Larsen Transportation is hauling a 45' High Cube empty container from Salt Lake City, UT To Henderson, CO
Rick-Landstar BCO 540391 - Memphis to Jacksonville
This is Rick in Truck # 540391 and he is what we at Landstar call a Business Capacity Owner AKA Landstar Owner Operators (BCOs). Rick just safely completed delivery of this stack of 6 x 20' chassis from Memphis, TN to Jacksonville, Florida
Sid Anderson and his NEW Drop Deck Conestoga
Sid Anderson has worked with Big Rigs Inc for several years and has handled a variety of loads for us. This trailer has expanded his capabilities to cover special types of cargo while still being able to haul containers. This photo shows the containers before the curtains are closed. Great looking Truck Sid!
Sid Anderson in his NEW Drop Deck Conestoga
Sid Anderson has worked with Big Rigs Inc for several years and has handled a variety of loads for us. This trailer has expanded his capabilities to cover special types of cargo while still being able to haul containers. This photo shows the containers after the curtains are closed. Great looking Truck Sid!
Chad Mason BCO Phoenix to Denver January 2016
Chad picked up in Phoenix on January 21, 2016 and delivered these 2 modified ocean containers in Commerce City, CO on Monday January 25, 2016. Good Job Chad and very nice looking truck you have there!
Landstar Driver Dan BCO #420387 - TN - AL - CA
This is Dan hauling a 40' High Cube container from
Memphis to Jackson Gap, AL to Ukiah,CA.
Good looking rig Dan, and thanks for a GREAT job!
Dusty #37 - Phoenix to Elk Grove, California
Dusty in truck #37 of Hoynacki Specialized LLC.
He is moving this Fireman's Training module
for Landstar Ranger and he is going
from Phoenix, AZ to Elk Grove, CA.
Jalil in ATT 780 (Landstar approved Carrier)
Stack of 3x40' Hapag Lloyd flat racks moving from
Port of Oakland to Port of Tacoma!
Tony in Truck #140 Delivering to Foley, Alabama
Landstar approved carrier, JBF Inc. delivering in
Foley, Alabama today for Big Rigs Inc.
Great job Tony!
Landstar Driver Tyrone BCO # 557748
Tyrone, BCO # 557748 in moving a stack of chassis
from Baltimore, MD to Charlotte, NC.
Great job Tyrone!
Tran of Golden J Trucking
Tran pulled this load of modified container units
from Houston, Texas to Port Hueneme, California!
Delivered today April 19th!
Thanks for GREAT job Tran.
Landstar BCO#11965 - Mike Anderson
Michael is running these special containers for Big Rigs Inc. over the road from Long Beach to Ok Cty, lift off, then on to Dallas, reload & final out in Herlong, Ca.! Good job & Great looking rig Michael!
Landstar BCO John Copeland
Landstar BCO 12036 John Copeland running from
Kansas City to St. Louis! Great looking rig & thanks John for a job well done!
Lee in Truck #170 - Arizona to Indianapolis
Lee in Truck #170 is with Landstar Approved carrier Jay Wenker Trucking LLC and he's moving this unit from Arizona to Indiana for us.
Great looking rig too, Lee! Thanks for a job well done!
Arizona to Georgia
This is Landstar BCO Doug in truck #545565 moving this unit from Arizona to Georgia.
Phoenix to Valparaiso, Morgan & Victoria Morris
Moving from Arizona to Indiana! Great looking rig
Morgan and Victoria!
Container 1 of 2 delivering in Beverly Hills, CA
Landstar approved carrier Orbit International Inc.
Delivering the 1st of 2 containers to the building
Site in Beverly Hills, California.
Container 2 of 2 delivering in Beverly Hills, CA
Landstar approved carrier Orbit International Inc.
Delivering the 2nd of 2 containers to the building
Site in Beverly Hills, California.
Landstar approved carrier Marion Towing LLC
Drivers Jefferson and Thomas moving a couple of very special containers from Memphis, TN to Fort Leonard Wood, MO under some cloudy skies.
Phoenix, Arizona to Paso Robles, California
Landstar approved carrier "CONCOURSE III TRANSPORT INC"
moving a very special container from Phoenix to Paso Robles,
Odil of Buba delivering in High Point, NC
Another job well done by a Landstar approved carrier,

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Dinner at The Rustler's Rooste in Phoenix, Arizona
The Matson Navigation - Equipment Control Dept was gracious enough to join Big Rigs Inc. for dinner at The Rustler's Rooste, Phoenix, AZ.
From Left to Right: Bob, Juan, Cyndi, Amy, Mary, Tom