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At Big Rigs Inc., our business is to help you become and stay successful with yours. As a privately held corporation Big Rigs Inc. will treat your business in a personal and private way that we promise will exceed your expectations. Our priority is to deliver the safest, most reliable transportation and logistics services in the market. And our capabilities are second to none. Call or email us today to find out more.

Name: General Information 
Phone: (805) 578-1063
Fax: 805-852-1012
Web site: http://BigRigsIncCa.com
E-Mail: BigRigsInc@gmail.com

Office Hours:5:00AM to 5:00PM Pacific Time - Monday thru Friday

Name: Tom R. Hardinger 
Title: President-CEO
Phone: 805-578-1063
Fax: 805-852-1012
Mobile: 805-368-6381
Web site: http://BigRigsIncCA.com
E-Mail: Tom.Hardinger@landstarmail.com

Administration, Sales, Operations and Finance

Name: Eddie Hardinger 
Title: Vice President - General Manager
Phone: 805-578-1063
Fax: 805-852-1012
Mobile: 805-813-4056
Web site: http://BigRigsIncCA.com
E-Mail: Eddie.Hardinger@landstarmail.com

Operations, Sales and Administration

Name: Trista Weldon 
Title: Customer Service & Dispatch
Phone: 805-578-1063
Fax: 805-852-1012
Web site: http://bigrigsincca.com
E-Mail: Trista.Weldon@landstarmail.com